The Ideal Form of Home Security

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Home security is crucial for any home.
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What’s the most ideal form of home security?

Over time, crime rates in the United States have gone up and down, but few will argue that crime is a bigger problem now than it has ever been. A lot of people are afraid to leave their children home alone without the benefits of a good home security system. A lot of people will choose to keep weapons in the house as a form of protection, but this usually causes more harm than good.

The fact is that most average human beings that own weapons do not have the capacity to take out an intruder with them. They are either, not proficient with the weapon, or even worse, negligent with it. This is why hundreds of people die every year in armed robberies: even if you are an excellent hunter, you are likely no match for a thug who grew up with a handgun.

The other common forms of home security, such as utilizing floodlights or heavily bolted doors, may seem like effective home security solutions to you, but this is just a routine obstacle course for an experienced criminal. The biggest problem people face in home security is that they don’t give burglars enough credit: they are usually very smart people. A lot of time and thought is put into a target before action is usually taken.

Although all of these measures are indeed forms of home security, none of them are really an all-around home security solution. It is often said that the best burglary can be ruined by a good guard dog, but this is a myth as well. Depending on how smart or cold-hearted your burglar is, he could simply bring along some meat or other distraction, or just kill the dog.

The only real home security solution is to invest in a modern homes security system. Total home security is always staying one step ahead of the burglar, and that is only done by having technology on your side, as opposed to theirs.