Choosing A Home Security System

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Home security is crucial for any home.
When it comes to protecting you and your
family, you need to leave it to the best.

We have looked at many home
security companies and only
two are worthy of recognition.

What kind of home security system is recommended?

So you’ve finally decided to invest in the long-term safety of your home and family and join the millions of people already enjoying the peace of mind from a home security system. The home security system, which has evolved from the technology originally used to protect banks and businesses only a couple short decades ago, is now an indispensible item for any household. The technology that used to only be available to big businesses is now available to anyone at very reasonable prices. Some of the best home security systems are only a few hundred dollars.

There are a few basic aspects you should look for in any home security system. First, it should be effective at what it does with little or no maintenance and not too much long term cost. Therefore a good home security system should be automated enough to foil even a tech-savvy hacker, even if you are not tech-savvy. They should also employ either the use of cameras or motion detectors to alert to intruders. Sometimes it’s just not enough to have just a door or window sensor as these can often be easily compromised.

There are two basic components of a camera-based home security system: The video camera and the monitor (and perhaps third, the link between the two). The camera is constantly sending a feed to the monitor which can either be watched or recorded. DV tapes are often used for this purpose, and some more advanced home security systems will start recording only when they are detecting motion.

A rather new addition to the family of home security system features is the ability to go wireless. This significantly cuts down on the tediousness of installation, and is also less easily compromised than a wire-based setup. These are now the new standard and it is highly recommended to go with a wireless home security system.