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Choices To Make In Home Security

Especially with the recent rises in crime rates, home security has never been a bigger issue than now. With keeping up on the technological advances in home security, you have never had so many options on the table. While home security systems are coming with more and more features today, it is still the security alarms that are the number one factor. This was the central concept of the first home security systems and it remains so today as nothing is quite so effective in warding off burglars.

The biggest aspect of an alarm is how it sounds or how loud it is. Burglars thrive by being as quiet as possible and home security systems work by being the exact opposite. In addition to this, a home security system will generally go off and contact the police before the criminal has even made it inside, thus highly increasing the chances that he will give up and run. So don’t be confused by the large amounts of technological features on today’s home security systems; they are essentially the same as they have always been.

Alarms typically fall into two categories: alarms that are bells-only and monitored alarms. These two categories can then be broken down further. Bells-only alarms generally go off at the detection of any sort of trespasser. These can include motion sensor alarms, which focus on one area and are more popular because they can usually distinguish between a cat and a human. The alarm (which doesn’t necessarily have to be bells) goes off if the control panel determines that the motion it detected is indeed a threat.

Monitored alarms are the same as bells-only alarms with the additional requirement that someone at a call center is instantly notified of the emergency, usually the police. These are the best choice for an all-around home security solution because they are effective even when the family is on vacation.