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How Glass-Break Home Security Keeps You Safe

There are lot of different technologies that go into the creation of a well-rounded home security system. From cameras to door and window sensors, to special infrared devices designed to maximize night time protection. However, it is important when dealing with all this modern technology not to forget about the core technologies that have worked for years and continue to be effective even in this modern day and age.

Glass-break technology has been used for decades to protect everyone from office workers in giant skyscrapers to the smallest one-room apartments. Not only is it effective in preventing and quickly reporting fires (you’ve probably noticed these in commercial buildings, usually boldly labeled “break glass in case of fire”), it is also essential to any household that has glass windows. Glass is much more elegant and clean than its synthetic substitutes; however, the main weakness of glass windows is that they are easily broken.

Burglars are smart and therefore your home security system needs to be smarter. It is not uncommon for a burglar, once his target is set, to enter a house very quietly and nonchalantly by cutting the glass or breaking it ever so carefully. However, if your home security system involves glass-break technology, no matter how crafty or careful the burglar is, the alarm will be tripped at the slightest modification of the glass.

Therefore, even though cameras are probably the best protection against intruders, they are not one hundred percent efficient all the time and criminals are getting more and more used to identifying them and staying out of their field of sight. Therefore it is of utmost importance when shopping for a home security system to not get swept up by all the new technology just to forget about the tried and true. A complete home security solution involves all of these aspects, and skipping one could be the mistake that is the difference between a ransacked house and a captured (or at least scared off) criminal.