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Protect America has been a member of the home security niche for more than two decades. The company offers some of the lowest fees out of all of the home security systems you could choose for your home. Protect America’s equipment is 100% wireless and includes many customization options and additional features. Unfortunately, their pricing structure for their security packages is more complicated than their competitors, but their customer service is top-notch. Representatives are available by phone and online messenger 24/7. Below, we’ll review Protect America’s equipment, features and technology, monitoring, and customer service so you can make an informed decision when choosing a security system.

What Equipment Does Protect America Include?

Protect America provides their customers with security equipment that centers around intrusion and motion detection. All of their basic equipment is portable and wireless. Installation does not require you to put holes in your walls or otherwise change the integrity of your home. This is especially beneficial for renters.

Protect America Equipment:

  • A Touch Screen Panel

Protect America’s LCD touchscreen features a large, easy-to-read display housed in a sleek and unobtrusive panel. The touchscreen control panel is convenient for homeowners, and the icon-based operating system is user-friendly.

  • Wireless Door and Window Sensors

Protect America’s wireless, pre-programmed sensors come with 5-year battery life and are easily installed. The company offers homeowners a variety of flexible installation methods that protect the integrity of your doors and windows while still keeping them monitored for intrusion. If a door or window is breached, the wireless sensor will send a signal to the security system and trigger the alarm.

  • Indoor Wireless Motion Detector

The indoor wireless motion detector can be installed with wall mount adhesives and detects movement within a range of up to 25 feet. The motion sensor can detect heat emissions from someone moving across the room. If you have pets, the detector is pet-friendly for animals weighing under 40 pounds.

  • HD Wireless Home Security Camera

Protect America customers will get an HD wireless camera with a 60-degree field of view that processes 30 frames per second. The camera also comes with night vision capabilities, so your home is monitored both day and night. Two-way audio means not only will you hear what’s going on in and around your house, you’ll also be able to talk through the camera via the Protect America app.

  • Monitored Smoke Detector

Working smoke alarms are crucial for keeping you and your family safe from fires and smoke inhalation. Studies show that smoke detectors interconnected via a home security system significantly increase the chances of everyone making it out safely from a house fire. Protect America’s monitored smoke detectors take fire protection and safety to the next level.

Also, Protect America is one of the few companies that sell devices to protect your car, too. The company offers customers GPS vehicle tracking devices that let you know where your car is and if the driver is speeding. Protect America also sells driveway sensors that alert you whenever a vehicle enters your driveway, adding an extra layer of protection for a part of your property that is easy to overlook.

If you live with elderly or disabled persons, Protect America gives you options to protect your household members with unique needs. You can get a medical alert pendant and also panic buttons. When pushed, they will send an immediate alert to the monitoring center, where the response team will then dispatch medical services to your home.


Protect America Features and Technology

Protect America’s key features are:

  • The option to monitor the system via broadband, cellular, or landline
  • The opportunity to DIY install
  • Guaranteed intrusion protection
  • Remote control and access

Protect America offers their customers convenient and easy ways to access their security system, pay their bills, and troubleshoot. Plus, their system integrates seamlessly with several popular technologies:

  • Google
  • Alexa
  • Zigbee
  • Z-Wave

The company also gives users access to their security system via mobile apps on the iPhone, Android, or through email and text message alerts. Customers can conveniently access their live surveillance feed and also remotely arm and disarm their systems right from their smartphone. Also, customers can also control home automation systems from the Protect America app:

  • Control lighting
  • Change the thermostat
  • Turn on or off appliances
  • Control electronic door locks
  • Program event-triggered automation
  • Access their history log
  • Program unique user codes

On review, Protect America offers some of the most sophisticated technological integrations in the home security niche. If you’ve fallen in love with the convenience of home automation, Protect America might be the company for you if you want to integrate between your home’s automation seamlessly and it’s security system.

How does Protect America monitoring work?

The company offers 24/7 professional monitor services for their customers from three centers based in Texas. Monitoring takes place via broadband, landline, or cellular. If security is breached, Protect America operators can dispatch, police, fire, and medical personnel to the home.

What is the value of a Protect America security system?

Protect America offers a variety of packages and services for their customers. Better yet, customers have the option of hooking the system up through a landline, broadband, or cellular service. Homeowners or renters who don’t have a landline aren’t restricted from using Protect America’s security system. Landline-based plans are the most affordable, with cellular being the most expensive. But, cellular is more reliable. If you lose power or you’re unable to access your phone, the alarm system will still work since it operates from cell tower signals.

There are five different equipment kits and three emergency monitoring plans. The packages only differ by the number of sensors. Customers can choose to enhance and customize their kit with sensors, cameras, and gadgets that are sold separately. The monitoring plans are broadband, wireless, and landline.

Protect America’s home security system includes equipment valued up to 1400 dollars. There is no upfront cost. All installation is free, so customers essentially pay for emergency monitoring. Customers are required to sign a three-year contract. During those three years, Protect America provides the equipment and replaces it for free if needed for the duration of the contract. Monthly plans range from 19.99 all the way to 54.99 per month. 

How is Protect America customer service?

Protect America customer service reps are available 24/7 via phone. Calls are not limited to business hours like some of their competitors. Also, the company auto-renews contracts month to month. This more convenient for customers than waiting a year to renew the contract. Protect America customers also enjoy lifetime support on all equipment, and the company also has numerous self-help videos available on their website.

In summary, Protect America is an excellent choice if you’re looking for an affordable and customizable home security system. Customer support is available at all times, and the system can seamlessly integrate with your home automation. The no upfront cost is also a nice feature. And, having the option to monitor your car and driveway is an innovative feature.

Summary: what’s our Protect America Review bottom line?


  • Affordable
  • Customizable
  • Ideal for renters
  • Great for home automation systems
  • Can monitor your car
  • Offers medical alerts for extra protection for disabled/elderly household members



  • Pricing schemes can be confusing
  • If you have unique needs, packages can get pricey
  • Requires 3-year contract
  • Only 14 days for returns


The limited 14 days for returns is a bit restrictive. But overall, it’s a small con compared to the other benefits homeowners and renters get when they sign a contract with Protect America. The system is excellent if you’re a renter, and if you have elderly or disabled family members or friends living with you. The ability to customize your system is another added plus. Overall, the system is easy to set-up and install. It doesn’t require you to drill holes for the equipment into your walls.

Getting locked into a 3-year contract might not be the best choice for you if you’re on-the-fence about a home security system. It’s also not a good idea if you don’t plan on living in the house for that long. But, Protect America has a proven track record and an excellent reputation for being one of the best home security monitoring companies in the United States. If you’re ready to give your home the protection it deserves, Protect America home security company might be the right choice for you.

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