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Overall Summary

Link Interactive offers reliable, customizable, cost-effective home security systems. They provide cellular monitoring with 2-way communication, three different contract lengths, and a 3-year warranty on all equipment. They charge upfront for the equipment and their monthly rates may seem high in comparison to similar products on the market.

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Link Interactive has been in the home security industry for over 60 years. The company offers customers a tailored home security system and DIY installation. Cellular monitoring includes 2-way communication, and contracts are flexible. Customers have the option of signing either a one year, two year, or three-year contract when they sign on with Link Interaction. For added peace of mind, Link Interactive’s rates are locked in, meaning customers won’t experience any nasty surprises when they receive their monthly bill. Equipment fees are charged up front, and their monthly rates are a bit pricier than competitors.

What equipment does Link Interactive offer to their customers?

The brand, ‘2 Guys in a Garage,’ or 2GIG, manufactures most of Link Interactive’s equipment. The brand has an outstanding reputation and has earned high ratings compared to General Electric home security equipment. In fact, 2GIG’s base security equipment is the most popular choice for home security and control systems in the U.S. 2GIG also offers their customers continuous updates on their systems. So if you decide to go with a Link Security system, you’ll get new and improved gadgets as home security technology continues to make advances in the field.

Also, Link Interactive provides customers with doorbell cameras, smart locks, smart light bulbs, and smart garage door equipment from the following reputable companies:


  • SkyBell
  • Kwikset
  • Yale
  • Go Control
  • LiftMaster
  • com

Link Interactive equipment and systems are designed to protect you and your property from environmental damage, intrusion, and medical emergencies.

  • Door and window sensors
  • Garage door sensors
  • Glass break protection
  • Motion detectors
  • Recessed door sensors
  • Crash and smash protection
  • Carbon monoxide, smoke, temperature changes, and flooding detection
  • Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras
  • Doorbell cameras
  • Tilt and pan cameras
  • Live surveillance feeds
  • Event-triggered surveillance
  • Panic buttons
  • Medical alert systems

Equipment is all wireless, DIY, and can be quickly moved to a new location, which is ideal for renters.

Link Interactive Features and Technology

Link Interactive offers some of the most progressive and innovative control panel technology in the home security industry. Their control panel, the Go!Control, not only controls your alarms system, but it also offers you the ability to manage your smart home technology from a convenient hub. 2GIG manufactures the panel, and all 2GIG equipment integrates with the panel’s controls. Go!Control uses wireless technology and includes the following features:

  • 2-way voice communication
  • Numerous arming options
  • A backup battery
  • 32 user codes
  • Monitors up to 48 wireless zones and two wired zones.

The Go!Control panel is voice responsive and can tell you what the alarm status is, and can describe zones, emergencies, and alarms while controlling all connected 2GIG devices. The Go!Control panel 2GIG system includes the following equipment:

  • Motion detectors
  • Keychain remotes
  • Wireless keypads
  • Door and window sensors
  • Glass break sensors
  • Smoke, fire, and CO alarms
  • Security cameras
  • Home automation products

Also, Link has partnered with the company All equipment is protected via crash and smash protection technology. This technology sends a continual soft signal to the Link Interactive monitoring center. If someone breaks or otherwise tampers with the Go!Control panel, the soft signal will turn into an active alarm and emergency personnel will be dispatched to your home immediately.

A Go!Control Panel is included with each of Link Interactive packages, but you have the option to upgrade the panel to Go!Control3. An upgrade will set you back $200, but you get the following features and benefits with the upgrade:

  • A larger LCD screen
  • Friendlier user interface
  • Modular technology

A modular design means that if you have the original Go!Control panel but want to upgrade; it’s easy for you. Link would send you the 3 Panel, and you can just swap out the old panel’s technology for the new stuff.

Link Interactive also provides their customers with an additional Qolsys IQ panel for an affordable $100. The Qolsys IQ is very user-friendly and has several built-in security features for added protection. The panel has a connected camera that takes photos whenever someone disarms the system, or an alarm is triggered. The panel integrates seamlessly with Z-Wave, Wifi, and Bluetooth. But, not all of the 2GIG equipment will work with Qolsys IQ.

Customers can also enjoy email and text alerts, access to a live surveillance feed, and the power to remotely arm and disarm the system. Two of the three Link Interactive packages also provide customers with home automation options. Customers who choose this option will have the ability to control remotely:

  • Electronic locks
  • Lights
  • Thermostat
  • Smart appliances

Home automation is controlled via iOS and Android apps. Link Interactive technology is compatible with:

  • Google Home
  • Z-Wave
  • Zigbee

Unfortunately, Link Interactive is not compatible with Amazon Alexa.

LinkInteractive Monitoring

The company outsources their 24/7 monitoring services. Monitoring takes place through either cellular, broadband, or landline connection. The 2-way voice control panel allows you to contact a live rep at any time. If you can’t respond to a 2-way call, Link Interactive personnel will dispatch the police and emergency medical services to your home on your behalf.

What is the value of Link Interactive?

Link Interactive offers customers three package options – the Standard, the Gold, and the Elite. Pricing ranges from $30.99 to $40.99 per month. Again, all fees are locked in when you sign the contract. Basic equipment packages start at a mere $29.99, and customers have unlimited options to pick and choose what equipment they’d like added on to their alarm system. All customers will receive a free touchscreen control panel, and yard and window decals.

Activation fees are nonexistent, and the DIY installation means customers aren’t subject to an install fee. If at anytime the equipment malfunctions, the company will troubleshoot any issues you may have, and also replace any equipment that they cannot fix.

You do not lease the equipment, but own it once you purchase it. Since you own it and it’s DIY install, you can move your system to a new home if needed. All equipment comes with a 3-year warranty. Contracts start at one year and go for 2 and three years. There is no cancellation policy with a 3-year contract. Plus, customers who want to try out the system can do so for 30-days risk-free.

How is Link Interactive’s customer support and service?

Link Interactive customer support is available Monday through Friday from 8 am to 10 pm CST, and 9 am to 6 pm CST on Saturdays. Customers can call a 24-hour hotline to report a false alarm. Live chat support is also available on their website.

The company boasts numerous Angie’s List awards, an A+ rating with the BBB, and thousands of positive reviews. On the BBB, there are minimal negative reviews about the company, which is a rare occurrence with companies as old as Link Interactive. Other competitors in the home security business will commonly experience hundreds of negative reviews in a year.

Summary: What’s our Link Interactive Review bottom line?

Link Interactive gives customers many excellent features, technology, and top-notch service. Also, their return policy, at 30 days, is incredibly generous compared to their competitors. DIY installation also saves customers on upfront costs. And owning the equipment gives you the ability to move your system to a new location easily. Link Interactive monthly fees are locked in, giving you added peace of mind.

The only apparent downside is that their cancellation policy is a bit heavy-handed. Their early termination fee is set at 75% of the remaining term of the contract. So, if you aren’t confident you want an alarm system with as many cool bells and whistles as Link Interactive offers, you probably don’t want to get locked into a contract with them. Also, if you have Amazon Alexa smart home devices, the system will not integrate with them.

With Link Interactive, you’ll get:

  • Easy DIY install
  • Wireless surveillance
  • Smart home integration options
  • Remote control and mobile apps
  • Environmental protection
  • Panic buttons and medical protection

Overall, Link Interactive is an excellent home security company to choose if:

  • You’re a renter
  • Use smart home technology
  • Want the convenience of mobile control
  • Are confident you’ll want an alarm system for at least a year

Then a Link Interactive system is probably a good investment to make for your home.

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