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Overall Summary

LifeShield is a solid, affordable choice for a home security system. With new home automation features, as well as strong monitoring technology and alerts, the company is rapidly moving ahead of the competition. Its low monthly monitoring fee also makes up for the price of the equipment. Additionally, a 30-day money-back guarantee gives customers time to try out the product. Lastly, positive consumer feedback and the company’s favorable reputation further ensure customers are satisfied with their purchase.

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  • Cutting Edge Equipment
  • 100% Wireless Systems
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Same-Day Installation
  • Cellular and/or Landline Connections
  • Remote Access (Mobile App)
  • Indoor/Outdoor Video Cameras
  • Home Automation
  • Doorbell Camera with Two-Way Voice
  • Month-to-month contracts if you buy equipment upfront


  • Pro Installation Required
  • Above-Average Monthly Cost
  • Long-Term Contract
  • Trial May be Short
  • Slightly More Expensive



LifeShield has been in the home security business for several years. First founded in 2004 in Langhorne, PA, LifeShield offers one of the most reliable and affordable home security systems on the market. Customer support and service is knowledgeable and has a good reputation, and LifeShield alarm systems are equipped with home automation integration, robust monitoring capabilities, and innovative technology. Overall, LifeShield is an excellent choice for conscientious homeowners and renters. The remainder of our LifeShield review will explore the company’s monitoring capabilities, equipment features, and pricing.


LifeShield Equipment


Unlike most of their competitors, LifeShield manufactures their equipment. When companies outsource their equipment manufacturing and monitoring, they add more steps to the process. When there are more steps to any process, there’s a higher chance of something going wrong for the customer. With LifeShield equipment, you’ll have the added benefit of knowing there isn’t a third party involved with the equipment.


LifeShield provides their customers with intrusion and environmental protection, as well as surveillance and life safety options. Customers have access to professional installation, or they can choose to go the DIY route. Most competitors offer one or the other, so having both options is a nice feature.


All security equipment is sold separately, and each of the three LifeShield plans only include monitoring. Equipment packages start at $299.99 and go until $399.99. The basic equipment package at $299.99 includes:


  • Base station with 4-layer communication and battery backup
  • One keypad and key fob
  • A security tablet
  • One motion detector
  • Two entry sensors
  • One fire safety sensor


The upgraded, professional equipment kit priced at $399.99 includes everything that the basic equipment package has, but with the following additional products:


  • An extra motion detector, for a total of two
  • An additional two entry sensors, for a total of four
  • An indoor security camera


Of course, customers have the option to add more equipment products to their alarm system. Add-on features include the following options and their prices:


  • Entry keypad for $100
  • Keychain remotes for $50 each
  • Security touchpad for $100
  • Motion detector for $100
  • Door and window sensors for $50 each
  • Additional indoor security cameras for $140
  • Glass break sensors for $110


Keep in mind, LifeShield cameras do not tilt and pan. If this is a must-have feature for you, you are better off looking at a different company for your home security system.


LifeShield is known for occasionally running promotional packages on their equipment. The company will sometimes promote free products upon signing a contract, free monitoring for a couple of months, or a free tablet. If you decide to go with LifeShield, you may want to research beforehand and see if there are any promotions currently available for new customers. Customers can install the equipment themselves or take advantage of the professional installation service if needed; however, if you don’t use a certified LifeShield technician to install the system, the warranty is voided.


Also, the system is given a seven day trial period. If during that time, the equipment malfunctions, LifeShield will fix it for free. On the eighth day, the system is said to be functional. All glitches after that will be billed directly to the customer.


LifeShield Features and Technology


Most of LifeShield’s products are wireless, but be aware that the base station requires power, Ethernet, and a landline connection. LifeShield home protection runs primarily on a broadband connection and communication. What does that mean for you?


You must have high-speed internet for it to work.


Also, the base station supports four communication methods.


  • Broadband


This is the primary way the system communicates and monitors your home security. Unfortunately, broadband is not the most reliable method of communication, but it is the fastest.


  • Cellular


Most of the top-rate alarm companies use cellular communication. This is the safest, most reliable form of communication because it isn’t subject to disruption from power outages or cut cables. LifeShield puts a cellular chip inside of the base station for this method to work.


  • Cellular Text


With cellular text, the base station can tap into a landline phone if you have one. This is the most traditional communication method for security systems but landline phones are prone to disruptions, and enterprising thieves can cut the wires. Unlike some of their older competitors, LifeShield does not solely rely on a landline phone.


The four-way base communication gives you four layers of added security since any method can be used to monitor the system and contact the LifeShield monitoring centers in the event of a security breach. The base system also has 24-hour battery backup. If the internet goes down or the power lines to the home fail, the alarm system will still work for up to 24 hours on battery power alone. Most competitors only have 12-hour battery backup, so this should give you some peace of mind.


Also, the base station comes with smash and crash protection. Smash and crash protection means the base station continuously sends out a low-level ping while the system is armed. If someone manages to break in, the alarm will sound if a disarm PIN isn’t entered into the control panel within the allotted time frame. If a thief tries to disarm, tamper with, or otherwise break the base station, the alarm will send out a hard signal to the monitoring center.


LifeShield also works with several home automation systems. LifeShield works with Z-Wave lights and several other third-party automation devices.


What sets LifeShield apart when it comes to home automation, and integration is their mobile app. The LifeShield app provides you with a few different ways to automate your alarm system with your smart home system. The app works with Alexa and IFTTT.


You can take control of home’s security and smart tech remotely. With the app, you can arm and disarm your security system, turn on and off the lights and appliances, and change the thermostat. Want to save on energy prices? With the app, you can turn down the heat or a/c when you aren’t home. The app also gives you the ability to view local crime maps and current stats for your area. You can also take a quiz on the app to test your home safety knowledge and learn how you can improve. Interactive alerts are also available, and you can set custom reminders. Since the app integrates with Alexa, you can use your voice to control the system as long as you own an Echo or Echo dot.


The IFTTT channel means you can combine LifeShield with dozens of smart home products and services for rule-based automation. Use it to create workarounds, or change something about the system if the alarm is triggered.


What about LifeShield monitoring?


LifeShield owns their monitoring station, and monitoring is done 24/7 through the four layers of protection – broadband, cellular, cellular text, and landline. Customers are protected even if the internet or power goes out. Police, fire, and medical personnel are dispatched as soon as a breach takes place, or if there is an environmental or medical alarm.


What’s the value of LifeShield?


LifeShield equipment comes in two packages, the basic equipment package or starter kit, and the premium package. Monthly subscriptions for monitoring start at $29.99 per month and go up to $49.99 per month. All equipment must be paid up front, but customers don’t have to pay an installation fee. There is an option for a no-money-down if you call the company and can reach an agreement. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee as well.


How are LifeShield’s customer support and service?


LifeShield has an A+ rating with the BBB, but they do have numerous negative online reviews. As with any product or service you buy, you need to do your due diligence beforehand.


What’s our LifeShield review summary?


When you sign up with LifeShield, you will get a comprehensive, high-tech and customizable equipment package. Since LifeShield manufactures their security products, costs are lower than most of the competition. LifeShield monitoring is multi-layered, meaning you’ll have added peace of mind in the event of a power or internet outage. For Alexa users, the system is incredibly convenient will provide with seamless, sophisticated integration.


What’s the downside?


You need high-speed internet. The online reviews aren’t the greatest. Customers are required to sign a 3-year contract. But, if you like the idea of owning your own, affordable security equipment, and that you don’t have to pay an upfront install fee, LifeShield might be the right security company for you.

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