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AT&T is mostly known for their telephone services, but recently they’ve expanded into the home security niche. AT&T offers customers interested in alarm systems the choice of three Digital Life packages. All three packages include continuous professional monitoring, window and door sensors, motion detectors, a keypad, and an indoor siren. The mobile app enables customers to access their security system from anywhere in the world. Each package, however, requires a minimum two-year contract. Unfortunately, Digital Life is expensive for the services they offer. There are many hidden fees in the contract, and early termination fees are steep. In some cases, they can cost more than 800 dollars.

What equipment is included?

The Digital Life basic plan includes standard security equipment. The higher-end plans include home automation devices and additional security features. But, these features come with a marked increase in fees. Caveat emptor.

While technically the equipment is free, you will have to pay a fee at the time of signing. The amount due for the equipment depends on what devices you choose, your credit score, and if there are any current specials available. While each equipment package specifies what equipment you can use to an extent, you have the option of adding different features to your alarm system.

Installation is professional only, but customers do have the ability to relocate the system. Window and door sensors are wireless. Digital Life equipment packages include the following products:

  • Door and window sensors
  • Garage door sensors
  • Glass break protection
  • Motion detectors
  • Recessed door sensors
  • Carbon monoxide, flood, smoke, and temperature change alarms
  • Indoor and outdoor cameras
  • Live surveillance and event-triggered surveillance
  • Panic and medical alert buttons

While AT&T works with their own devices, they’re also compatible with several third-party devices. An example is the FIBARO Flood Sensor. This sensor is unique in that it’s one of the only flood sensors currently on the market that can float. The sensor has a built-in alarm, telescopic probe for uneven surfaces, a tilt sensor, and a temperature sensor. If your home suddenly gets super hot or cold, the sensor will sound an alarm. Digital Life’s indoor siren can also detect smoke and increased carbon monoxide levels for an added layer of environmental protection.

Features and Technology

AT&T Digital Life provides their customers with wireless devices, and all monitoring is done via broadband or cellular signal. The monitoring is reliable and fast. Customers are safe from the disruption of a power outage, cut cables, or a downed internet.

Digital Life also provides their customers with unique options for home automation that seamlessly integrate with several smart home technologies. Bear in mind that smart home integration is only available on the two higher-end (and more expensive) plans. These plans start at $54.99 per month and go up to $64.99 per month. Customers are required to sign a 2-year agreement and pay for the equipment they want with their plan upfront.

Digital Life plans include remote access from your smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer. Recently, the company started to work on a voice assistant for their mobile app available for iOS and Android devices. The app will enable customers to remotely control the thermostat, lights, and other automated devices with voice technology. The app will also let you know if the system is currently armed.

If you have DIRECTV, you can control the Digital Life system with your DIRECTV remote. Internet customers who are connected with Genie HD DVR with an HR34 model or later can download the Digital Life app and check for recent events, systems status, and updates, and have the ability or remotely arm or disarm the system. Also, you’ll be able to view any still photos from the cameras remotely, too. Digital Life smart home integration works with:

  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Z-Wave

As mentioned earlier, you can only take advantage of smart home integration with two of the three Digital Life plans. If you start out with the basic equipment and monitoring package, you do have the option of upgrading or adding on to the plan with smart home automation features at a later date. But, for each new feature you add, you will incur additional monthly fees. Fees usually start at $4.99 plus equipment costs if applicable.

Even though Digital Life has all of the smart home features as their competitors, the monthly fees are high compared to other home security companies. While the ability to add features separately may seem attractive on the surface, you are subject to charges that can quickly add up. Remember the fee structure, so you don’t get a nasty surprise when you look at your bill after adding on a la carte smart home features.

AT&T Digital Life Monitoring

Monitoring is provided 24/7 from AT&T’s professional monitoring center. Monitoring takes place via broadband and cellular technology, so it is fast and reliable. The control panel includes 2-way communication ability. Police, fire, and medical dispatch services are included in the monitoring.

What’s the value of AT&T Digital Life?

Digital Life offers three different equipment packages and monitoring plans. Plans start at $39.99 per month and go up to $64.99 per month. Before someone can sign a contract, they are subject to credit approval and have to pay for the equipment. Equipment packages start at $349.99 and up. Each package includes a keypad, an indoor siren, contact, window, and motion sensors.

Equipment packages can seem a little steep, but the company offers customers ways to pay in 3, 6, 9, and 12 monthly installments. Installation is free with each package, but there is an activation fee of $49.99.

Termination fees are a bit high too, and you can only cancel within two weeks. With a two year contract required, you want to be pretty confident about the service before you sign on. Remember, you do have the ability to add on features if you decide you need them, but you are subject to fees that can quickly add to your bill.

Also, keep in mind that AT&T doesn’t service certain areas. If you:

  • Reside in a multi-family dwelling
  • Live on the fifth floor of a building or higher

You can’t do business with AT&T Digital Life. But there are several reputable home security companies who service those areas if your residence falls into those two categories.

How is AT&T Digital Life customer support?

Unfortunately, AT&T has a much better customer service reputation when it comes to their telephone services. Their home security branch is lacking. Currently, there are many negative reviews against the company’s home security branch. But, the company does have an A+ rating on the BBB. Again, that’s more related to the business they’re initially known for, telephone communications.

Summary: What’s our AT&T Digital Life Review bottom line?

AT&T offers all of the same equipment and integration you can get from their competitors. AT&T’s alarm system equipment is, and the monitoring is reliable, but the prices are steep. For the money you’d spend, you don’t get much more of a service. Plus, the fees can quickly add up if you want to start upgrading your system for home integration. And if you live in certain areas, you can’t get Digital Life anyway.

If you’re looking to get a home security system, you have to consider your unique needs. Companies all offer standard packages, but if you live in a small home with only two exit doors and only four ground-level windows, you won’t need a hefty equipment package that costs hundreds of dollars. Plus, if you’re a renter or your job requires you to move from city to city, you don’t want to get locked into a two-year contract.

But if you’re living in a forever home, your neighborhood has high crime rates, or home automation integration is a must for your family, Digital Life’s higher-end packages might be the right choice for you. If you’ve already got DIRECTV, it may even be a no-brainer for you and your family.

AT&T Digital Life review bottom line? Consider your personal needs before you sign on with AT&T Digital Life. If your lifestyle and home aren’t compatible with the packages they’re offering, there are dozens of other home security companies you can partner with.

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