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Overall Summary

ADT is one of the most popular and dependable security providers in the nation, covering both homes and businesses in the United States and Canada with reliable monitoring and top-notch home automation options. Its plans range from $36.99 to $58.99 with a $99 activation fee, and they require a 36-month minimum contract with applicable early cancellation fees. That being said, if you opt for ADT Monitored home security solutions remember to read the contract thoroughly before you commit.

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ADT Monitored has been in business for over 140 years. The company offers customers the ability to customize their home security system fully. Customers can also monitor their network through a convenient ADT app. Not only do ADT customers have the ability to protect their home from break-ins, ADT provides modern technology that also monitors the home for environmental threats, like fires, floods, and smoke damage. ADT systems can also integrate with smart home automation technologies.


As with any home security system, you need to read the contract before you sign. ADT requires customers to sign a minimum 36-month contract. But overall, the equipment and monitoring packages are reasonably priced, and homeowners can expect top-notch security technology and equipment with ADT Monitored.


What Equipment does ADT Monitored offer?


ADT equipment requires professional installation. If you don’t like the time-cost and potential headaches involved with a DIY install, professional installation might be an attractive feature for you. Depending on your needs, the setup can run you anywhere from as low as $99 to a few grand.


Honeywell and DSC, both reputable manufacturers, make all of ADT’s home security equipment. The quintessential part of the system is ADT’s control panel. The panel uses either a DCS PC 1500RK keypad or a PC 1500. The ADT control panel communicates with sensors that are designated into zones for different parts of the property. The alarm signal not only alerts you to a break in but also environmental dangers such as smoke and carbon monoxide.

ADT Monitored provides the following equipment for their customers:


  • Digital keypad
  • Entryway contacts
  • Interior motion detector
  • Backup battery
  • Wireless keychain remote
  • Yard signs and decals
  • Motion detectors
  • Smoke and carbon monoxide detectors
  • Heat sensors
  • Glass-break detectors
  • External sirens
  • Indoor sounders
  • Security cameras
  • Reed switches


The wireless keychain remote gives customers added convenience, giving them the ability to arm and disarm the system with just one click. In case of a power outage, the backup battery keeps the home system running for up to 12 hours. Do you have a room filled with valuables or precious collectibles? You can get extra protection in certain places with the ADT monitored motion detector. The detector uses infrared technology to alert you when someone enters the room. If you have pets, the motion detector is designed to reduce the risk of cats or dogs triggering a false alarm. Entryway contacts compel your control panel to make a sound when someone opens a window or door even if the system is disarmed. But, if someone forces their way into the home when the system is armed, the entryway contact sensors will send a signal to the keypad, which immediately sets off the alarm system. ADT also offers customers medical alert and panic buttons for elderly or disabled household members.


ADT Monitored Features and Technology


ADT Monitored offers customers landline, broadband, and wireless monitoring options. Other companies do not give customers the ability to choose, and many only offer wireless monitoring. If you just have a landline or broadband, ADT can work with the property you want to be secured. ADT provides the following features for their customers:


  • 24/7 Mobile Alerts


Customers can control their system from anywhere via mobile alerts and remote control monitoring.


  • 24/7 Monitoring


Each ADT plan comes with 24-hour services that will dispatch fire, police, and medical personnel and first responders to the home. ADT also offers medical alert bracelets and pendants that work inside and outside the home.


  • Wireless Security


ADT gives customers wireless and hardwired security options. Wireless install doesn’t require drilling or nailing and is perfect for renters.


  • Surveillance Cameras


With ADT’s optional surveillance cameras, you can monitor your home anywhere in the world. You can stream live video and access saved files on your mobile phone, tablet, or desktop PC.


  • Professional Installation


Professional install is convenient for busy or disabled customers.


  • Home Automation


Get an added bit of convenience and security knowing ADT can be seamlessly integrated with your home’s smart technology. The ADT app enables you to remotely control your alarm system, appliances, thermostat, and more.


  • Remote Control


The ADT mobile and the keychain enable you to arm, disarm, set off the alarm, and control LED lights from anywhere.


  • Hardwired Security


ADT is a reputable company that has installed millions of systems. Hardwired security gives you an added layer of protection, and you can transfer the equipment to a new home.


  • Medical Products


If you or a family member have special medical needs, ADT emergency alert buttons give you access to emergency personnel with the click of a button. Emergency equipment is waterproof and sends GPS signals to first responders.


How is ADT’s Monitoring?


ADT monitoring takes place through either your landline, broadband, or wireless access. Protect Your Home provides the monitoring equipment, and it also includes police, fire, and medical dispatch options. All equipment consists of a 2-way intercom so you can contact responders 24/7. Monitoring takes place at six different locations across the U.S.


Key ADT Monitoring features:


  • Professional
  • Owned
  • Takes place in 6 different locations
  • Can be done through cellular, broadband or landline
  • 24/7 service
  • Includes police, fire, and medical dispatch options


What is the value of ADT Monitored?


ADT monitoring offers three plans – Traditional, Control, and Video. The upfront, installation cost of all three programs is currently set at $125. Plans range from a minimum monthly fee of $28.95, all the way to $52.99.


ADT offers specific customers other unique benefits. If you are only looking to obtain monitoring, ADT may be the company for you. If you already have your own security equipment or are just looking to lease equipment from ADT, ADT can still monitor your system. You are not required to purchase their equipment. Monitoring alone will reduce the cost of ADT’s plans significantly.


Each plan is customizable. The Traditional plan includes the following features:


  • Six-month money back guarantee
  • 24/7 monitoring
  • Requires a cellular connection
  • Customized for however many doors and windows you need to be secured
  • Additional fire, flood, and carbon monoxide monitoring available
  • Wireless keypad entry
  • The package comes with a standard four door and window sensors that you can upgrade if needed


The Control and Video packages offer the same features as the traditional package with a few additional key features. The Control package gives homeowners further integration with smart home technology and provides mobile and web access to the security system. This package also gives customers access to their security network through the web or mobile device. Also, Control package customers can enjoy text and email notifications about their security system. Customers can also upgrade to the Remote Secure video option. With this option, customers can access their home from a distance if they have smart home technology in place.


With the Video package, customers get to enjoy the essential features available in the Traditional and Control packages but have access to a few additional perks. The upfront cost for the Video package is the same as the other two, at $125. But, for $52.99 per month, ADT will give your home 24/7 monitoring. The Video package includes the Remote Secure Video option which is only available as an upgrade on the other plans. Remote Secure Video gives you access to a live surveillance feed of your home, and you have 24-hour alerts for any time something happens in your house. If you get a text that a door has been opened on your property, you can remotely access the live video feed to see who opened the door.


For homeowners who want constant and substantial, remote access to their home and smart systems, ADT Monitoring offers excellent value for a competitive monthly fee.


How is ADT Monitored Customer Service and Support?


Despite their competitive pricing, convenient, professional install, and customizable packages, ADT is a bit lacking in the customer service department. Support is available via phone and email, but if the system malfunctions customers are encouraged to call and schedule an appointment with a technician. The customer has to pay out of pocket for the technician. Customers can try to troubleshoot the system themselves with the ADT handbook, but that can be inconvenient and time-consuming. However, customers do have the option to add a monthly maintenance fee to their monthly plan.


Also, ADT outsources some of their service calls to different locations. Transfers can be aggravating for customers who need assistance. Also, contract fees can be tricky. ADT reserves the right to increase monthly payments after the first year of service. Although the company holds an A+ rating on the BBB, there are thousands of complaints against the company during the last three years.


ADT Monitored Review Summary


Overall, ADT Monitored offers competitive pricing and flat installation fees for all three of their security packages. The company’s highly customizable plans are great for customers with unique needs. Also, the Traditional package is perfect for first-time buyers who are unsure of what they want in a home security system. The fact that customers can cancel and get their money back within the six months is an attractive feature. And if you already have your own security equipment, ADT Monitoring gives you the option of only using their monitoring service. Equipment isn’t mandatory. Despite the attractive features and customizable benefits, buyers do need to be aware of prior customer complaints and the variable monthly fees. As with any contract you’ll ever sign, always read the fine print and do your research before buying.

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